time for an update, eh?

So since November, the Texas Piglets just fell off the face of the earth. Not really, but I bet anyone that reads our blog thought so. It isn't that I haven't had anything to say (I mean, come on, it's me), I just had to shift my priorities for a while.

An update on my health: After several doctor appointments including some specialist and a trip to the ER for chest pains, my chest pains are not related to my heart in anyway. Wonderful news! But what are the chest pains from? Why do I have them? Well, the best that we (we being John and I) can figure out is that they are a side effect from the blood pressure medication. Of course we've now had 3 doctors say to us "well, those are just things they have to list because during the trials anything that happens to anyone must be listed as a possible side effect." Um, well, then isn't there a chance that maybe I'm that one in a million? Isn't it possible?

My original bp medication caused a 25lb weight gain, swelling in my legs, and chest pains. Switching medication made the weight stop adding up and the swelling go away. Unfortunately the chest pains haven't stopped. But I'm not raising my bp anymore or panicking because of them. Because now I know what it is and that I'm not going to die.

The kids: are doing great!
Jovi is into full blown 2 year old tantrums, which are funny to watch, but irksome if you're trying to get him to do something.
Jace is potty trained in all areas but still quite the finicky eater who prefers no bread, which is a bum deal for him since we eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch.
Jani is doing her best to teach herself to read. Poor kid, all she wants to do is read.
Adam is enjoying having something separate for himself: horseback.

John, well, he's still holding on at work. After losing all of our overtime last September, there was a layoff in November and sadly he saw several friends that he had worked with for 20 years get let go. As of this past Thursday 1/22, we have a 10 week 10% pay cut. The rumor is that in April something else will happen. Well, actually the rumor was something happening in April, the 10% temporary pay cut was a surprise. God will take care of us though. It's tough to plan for the unexpected, for what might happen when you believe God will see you through. But plan we are.

The other thing on our horizon is gardening/farming/whatever you want to call it. With all of the financial stuff looming around, we are getting serious about planting some crops. That sounds like we're putting in fields and fields. Not that much, but we do want to put up food so that we don't have to be completely reliant on a paycheck to feed our family.

My aunt/uncle told me they use a farmer's almanac. I thought it was the one that we all know of, but no, it's called Grier's Almanac. Sadly no feed store around here had them so they are going to pick me up one down in Beaumont. Apparently if we plant when it says plant, we'll get some good crops. I can't wait to have some okra. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.


Sarah k said...

Hey gal,
Well, YES you can be the one in a million but if they admit that then.. well... you know the can of worms they will be opening..lol.
I am glad that the kids are doing great!!! The tantrums are tiresome!! lol.. but yes, they can be funny! I am glad to hear that for the most part, you are all doing pretty good!!!!

Sarah k

mcnuggts said...

As a horticulturist, I can't wait to hear more about your farming adventures. :-)