Lazy Days

You know those days when, as a responsible adult, you have a long list of things you need to do? Well, today I was not that adult! Instead I surfed the internet ALL day while keeping a very steady eye on the kids about 15 feet from me. It was fun. A total waste of my time for the most part. But fun. I played on Facebook, a place that I've not been able to figure out very well at all, so many little nooks and crannies to it. But I did get something for all of my "hardwork": I found my friend Angie that I haven't seen or talked to since I think the summer of 1984. 25 years!

I've thought about her so much, wondered what happened to her, how she is, what did she grow up to do. She used to tell me that she wanted to be a brain surgeon. Do you remember that, Angie? We were able to talk for about an hour on the phone. Her kids are really quiet! Our oldest children 8 months apart. That always surprises me since we had kids later than we planned. I'm so glad to have found her.

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