Happy Valentines to You!

Today was probably the first time that Jace and Jovi celebrated Valentines Day. And probably the first time a family loved them so completely. We actually did it on Sunday the 15th because Saturday is still a work day for John. And by the time he got home the kids were in bed. I could very much relate to another mom, Jackie from Taiwan-On about her feelings about the day and her husband working. So our celebration was a day later. I completely agree with her on that the day should serve to make us aware of the ones we love, to cherish love, and to not take it for granted (my words, but similar to her feelings).

I had to laugh a little because the boys were singing happy birthday, only it wasn't anyone's birthday. I think since we had them in their highchairs for their birthdays and gave them their gifts there, any present that is given while in that chair must surely mean it's their birthday, right?

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