Discount Food Store

This morning I learned of a dent store, a place to buy things where cans are dented, or promotions are over, items are past expiration date, boxes were crushed...you get the idea. I didn't call first, I just figured they were open.
There hours are M-Th 9:30am - 5pm, and F 9:30am - 6pm.
They do not take coupons and are cash only.
Anyone going into the store must have shoes shirt and pants on. =)
And no smoking outside their door on their benches.

I think they have 6 baskets. We filled up 3.5 of them. The owners were very nice helping us store the filled baskets and move the little boys into empty carts. It isn't very big, about the size of a convenience store. There is also a little back room (really little, your cart will barely go in there)with non food items from cat litter to paper plates to dish detergent. Surprisingly we were in there an hour. We'll be going back for sure. The shipments seem a bit sporadic but she did say there is one coming in sometime next week she thought from Colorado that was from Safeway and she said it always had good stuff. Today we spent $71.57.

Examples of food we found: pop tarts, cereal, koolaid packets, jello, spaghetti sauce, canned peppers, canned veggies, soup, pie filling, cake/brownie mixes, icing, juice, yeast, condiments, dressings, crackers, fruit snacks, gum, dog treats, paper plates, cat litter, dish detergent, dry beans, big cans of veggies; there was a lot more but we can't remember it all.

Note: The lines are running together. I've listed the item, the size of the item, the expiration date

Brand Size Exp Date Price ea
GM Cheerios 3x 18oz 9-09 2.59
Stokelys whole kernel corn 2x 106oz 1.50
Stokelys diced potatoes (lady charged me 1.50) 106oz 3.00
SureFine Rice squares cereal 15.6oz 9-08 0.69
SureFine fruit rings cereal 15oz 9-09 1.00
GM Cheerios 14oz 10-09 1.59
Post Honeycomb 14.5oz 4-09 1.59
Ralston Foods froster shredded wheat 3x 19oz 2-09 1.00
GM Kix 12oz 8-09 1.59
Post Selects Cranberry almost crunch 13oz 7-09 1.69
GM Kix 18oz 8-09 2.00
SureFine Raisin bran 20oz 10-09 1.85
Kelloggs apple jacks 2x 12.2oz 7-09 1.59
GM honey nut cheerios 2x 12.25oz 7-09 1.00
Post select great grains 16oz 6-09 1.69
Ralston Foods frosted flakes 20oz 12-08 1.00
ShurFine parmesan cheese 8oz 11-08 1.00
Chef Boyardee pizza 3x 1 9-08 1.00
Stove Top turkey stuffing 2x 6oz 1-09 0.59
ShurFine stuffing pork 2x 6oz 9-08 0.59
Betty Crocker Wild blueberry muffin mix 10-09 1.29
Orville Redenbacher butter popcorn 2x 6pk 8-08 0.59
Smuckers organic strawberry preserves 12oz 5-08 0.69
Kraft lite mayonnaise 32oz 12-08 0.50
ShurFine marshmallow crème 2x 7oz 12-08 0.10
ShurFine pineapple juice 46oz 11-08 0.39
Shurfine organic applesauce 4x 25oz 11-08 0.89
Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk 14oz 6-10 0.79
SureFine whole cranberry sauce 16oz 9-10 0.25
Smuckers peach preserves 12oz 9-08 0.69
Smuckers organic red raspberry 12oz 10-08 0.69
Fleischmans yeast, jar 4oz 9-08 0.10
Fleischmans yeast bread machine, jar 4oz 10-08 0.10
Grey poupon 8oz 9-08 0.29
Taco Bell soft taco dinner kit 2x 12-08 1.00
Crayola lemon lime drinks (missed the exp date on these) 8x8oz 6-07 0.50
Miracle whip squeeze 10oz 1-09 0.75
SureFine dried blackeye peas 3x 16oz 1-09 0.49
SureFine oyster crackers 12oz 0.39
La Choy chow mein noodles 8-08 0.10
Hunts spaghetti sauce, various flavors 6x 26.5oz 7-10 0.55
ShurFine sloppy joe 7x 15oz 12-09 0.40
Manwich 16oz 4-10 0.40
Morrisons sopapilla mix 2x 11-08 0.25
Bakers German chocolate 2x 4oz 10-08 1.00
SureFine whole kernel corn 6x 25oz 2-10 0.35
Rosarita refried beans 3x 16oz 3-10 0.45
Lifesavers, bag 6.25oz 0.79

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Sarah k said...

Woohoo!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! That is a great find! And looks like dinners are going to be YUMMY!!!!

Sarah k