This morning at 8:30 John, Adam and Jani left to go to San Antonio to get Duke. When we went to get the 2 puppies Oct 1, we initially thought we were getting Duke and Liberty. It wasn't until we were going home and talking more we realized it wasn't him. But what's important is that the kids took the puppies they wanted. We had talked about Duke so much that even though we brought Braveheart home, he was renamed Duke. But now, now...Kim posted that Duke was the last one not sold. How could someone not take Duke!

Adam wanted Duke. A call to John at work on Thursday and the deal was done. Why not?, John said, you only experience life once and I can't think of anything better for him to spend his money on. Yes, this is the money that has been safely stored in a savings account since before Adam was born. Over 12 years. And now his very first big expenditure. A friend by his side for the next 14 years or so. Congratulations, son.
(pictures to come later)

So on to my post. I'm home not feeling well from something I ate last night and I have the 2 boys. If you have kids then I'm sure you're well acquainted with the many uses of toilet paper rolls. The most common use in our home is telescopes. But today they became pirate telescopes. Light bulb! I can make eye patches!

So I'm proud to present my 2 33" pirates. The only ones not afraid to be seen in their underwear. :o) And for the first time ever you get to hear Jovi. (scrap that...I can the video thing anymore to add a video. =(...)