Reunited & it feels so goooood!

Duke is home as of 4:30pm and the first thing he did is growl at Daisy and Braveheart (his original name, we're searching for a new one). What a welcome, eh? They are all resting comfortably in the big crate, though we can tell it's a tad crowded. Adam is going to take Duke upstairs to his bed and hope that he makes it through the night with no accidents. He is better mannered than the other 2. Could be like Kim said...pups that stay with mom longer have better manners. Could also be because the other 2 have been outside in the big pen unsupervised since we've had these beautiful days. They'll be spending more time inside but we had to get them past their tummy sickness after we accidentally switched their food last week. That was a fun 5 days! Enjoy


Isn't that just like a mother? Look at Lady above, she's looking so lovingly at him. Of course she could be thinking "son, mind your manners, you don't pass gas around ladies", but we'll never know. :o)

Adam and his very own dog...Duke!

Duke slept almost the whole way home, either between John and Adam or in the back seat with Jani.

Reunited and it feels so good...
Reunited cause we understood....
There's one perfect fit and brother this one is it....
We both are so exited cause we're....errrrrrkkkk!

nah, they were just playing...but she looks vicious, doesn't she!?!?

We had lots of scratch and sniff going on...and some good ol' leg chewing too. Look at the color difference between them. He is a beautiful blond with darker ears. Daisy looks more like her mom in the pictures. And Braveheart looks dark like his dad, Texas Ranger.

But at the end of the day, they all just went to sleep peacefully. Except Duke snores!

Daisy is on the left, Braveheart has his head on top of Duke.

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