I could use the help!

I read these 2 blogs: Kim at www.inashoe.com and Connie at www.smockityfrocks.com. They blog with 2 other moms that have larger than average families. During August they are hosting a book club and are reading Large Family Logistics. I love the way these 2 women write, like that were talking to you. So I imagine their comments as they read will be equally amusing. And insightful. And chocked full of wisdom and been-there-done-that-bought-the-tshirt humor. Head over to their blogs and enter. Each mom is giving away a copy of the book. Or just read their blog and become a follower and be cool, you know, like me.
Kim: http://inashoe.com/2011/07/4-moms-giveaway-large-family-logistics/#comment-49137
Connie: http://www.smockityfrocks.com/2011/07/4-moms-announce-a-book-club.html

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