Bra Training and Shopping

Yep, you read that right. On Wednesday (6/17) I took the girls shopping. Juli needed some clothes and shoes and a few things that the other 3 had. I also realized (with a little bit of shock) that she needed a bra! I know, she would die of embarrassment, but this is a monumental post, a time to be remembered. No, not for her silly, for meeee! I caught site of the girls in the shower, something they've enjoyed doing together because as they said, it makes it easier to wash your back and to make sure you got all the shampoo out. I can't argue with that...I'd like to have someone wash my hair all the time! My back, mmm, nah, I'll do my own body scrubbing.

Anyway, so back to the bra issue. My mind quickly flooded with memories from 32 years ago when we (me, Elvin, Honey, mom, and Don) were sitting at The Monterrey House in Beaumont, I think on 11th Street. It was a Mexican restaurant, way before the world knew it needed Mexican food. I remember my mom looking across the table at me and telling my grandmother, Honey, to take me to KMart (I think it was on College) and get me a bra when we finished our meal. I don't know why my mom didn't take me. After everything in my life I'm glad to have the special memory of Honey doing it. I have no idea how many she bought, but I do know that it was white. I don't even remember if it had a flower or anything on it. I remember feeling very grown up when I put it on though! I felt like the whole world knew I had changed, that I was a grown lady now. (big cheesy smile)

Fast forward 32 years to my bathroom in Taylor peeking in the shower on my girls because they were giggling so much. The bra hunt was officially on. We found a 2 pack at Target, but they weren't the uncool kind from long ago. No, these were fashionable, in colors, different styles, and the designers were considerate enough to make T backs for different kinds of shirts/dresses. Then at Walmart we found 3 packs, different styles, different colors. Funny how we didn't wind up with any pink or purple ones. The giggles flew from Juli as I had to hold them up to her to see if they would fit. I could help but smile back, because we were after all in the middle of Walmart!

To top the day off, after traveling from home to McDonald's for breakfast (pancakes), to The Children's Place (shorts, shirts, sandals, tennis shoes, pajamas, sunglasses, headbands, belts, scarves), to the Disney Store (gown and rain boots), to Gymboree (skorts, shirts), to the bank, to get milk, to home-to-take-a-shower-because-I-was-soaked-with-sweat, to Target (piggy bank, bra, white sandals, purple sheets), to Dollar Tree (Adam's party supplies), to Office Depot (new pens), to Walmart (more bras, pajamas, capri pants, shirts, bike helmet). And that concluded our major shopping trip.

This morning the bra training began. Jani wants one, but doesn't need one. Juli needs one, but laughs about wearing one. I need one, and quite frankly I wish I didn't! hehehe And now I leave you with a visual and a good laugh.

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