got the files on the brothers

I was on the computer (duh) very late last night (Friday night). I've kinda sorta bugged our director all week wondering if they got the info yet. It was due on Tuesday, but didn't make it. Anyway, about 1:05am I saw a post from her and quickly emailed and asked pppllllleeeeaaasssssse did any info come in. Turns out it had just come in Thursday. Within minutes she emailed me both of their files.

The first file I pulled up was on the older brother. We really didn't believe it to be the same child, but it turns out the other 2 pictures are of him just when he was younger. In one of them he really looks like his younger brother. And then we opened the baby's file. Man is he a chunk! And those pics were of him at 5months old. So adorable.

Our decision just got harder, a lot harder.

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