2nd Dream

Something is so weird about my dreams about our boys. Maybe just bizarre. I remember that when you are about to give birth you will often start dreaming about your child; so maybe that's it. And when you are pregnant you can have some pretty freaky dreams! No more news yet about our boys, we're just still in a holding pattern.

My freak out moment today occurred at 5am. It was my 2nd dream about the boys. I dreamed that I went to the orphanage to get them and it was this huge room with other kids playing in it, lots of little round tables and chairs, but hardly any kids. Adam was with me and I had my laptop, but Adam wasn't paying attention and went off to play with the kids. Our agency person was with me and turns out to be this heavy white woman, not like what I pictured her to be at all considering she's Asian! Two people come in with 2 little boys, neither of them my boys, but they tell me they are. Jace isn't Jace, but appears to be fine and healthy; Jovi however is very much the wrong child. He is white with curly red hair, is sort of hunched over at the shoulders, with lopsided shoulders and walks with a limp. I tell her that they aren't my boys and she smiles and says "yes, they are". I say "no, let me show you a picture" and proceed to put my laptop down and try to bring up their pictures. I cannot find the folder that has them. The orphanage director comes up and ask what the problem is and my agency person says "everything is fine", but i say "no, it isn't". My hands are shaking and I'm about to lose it. Agency person tells me that sometimes the pictures aren't very good but that yes, these are my boys. I was frantic, holding my cell phone, but I didn't know how to call John back in the USA to tell him what was going on. And then I woke up, shaking, a little short of breath, and thinking John is definitely going!
I told him my dream. We know that won't happen, we'll be in good hands with our agency person, BUT true story: When we went to pick up Jani she had changed so much from 8mos to 13 mos that it really did not look like her. Our guide really did have her picture out and we were looking for anything: birth mark, dimple, anything on her sleeping face that would tell us it was her. That panicked everyone there!
End of the story? John and Jani are going! Room for 6 please. =)

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