I promise I'll be better at posting on the trip!

I'm not a good poster. I don't get into sharing my life online. But I can do it for myself and for the friends that want to follow along. Shockingly, to me at least, it's been 10 days since I've posted. Seriously, I have a lot to say. But really I can't recall much that I've done the last 10 days. Oh, wait, Sun 5/18 was Mothers Day, right? We're so low key! I bought some silverware in early May and told John not to get me anything. But to have the kids make some cards. That didn't get done. =) No foul though, I'm easy. I got hugs and kisses instead.

I know, we got our Thai student to the airport on Sun 5/25. That was something huge. I don't think I could ever recommend this specific program, but thats another story. He's off visiting his family in California before he returns to Bangkok. What adventure the last 7 months have been for our family as we lived with 3 different boys. And teenagers at that!

Ok, so, the previous 2 paragraphs were written yesterday afternoon (5/28). It's now Thursday 5/29, I'm sick, I've been to the doctor already, it's a sore throat viral infection. Oh yeah. At least if it had been strep then he could have given me a shot! But no, I get to gargle and sneeze, and cough, and gag, and do other nasty crap. Can't we take just 1 adoption trip without being sick. Just 1? That's not asking for too much, right? Oh well, I know I'll get better. Poor boys, they'll think their mommy is strange right off the bat!

So John is at the doctor's right now with the kids, just getting any kind of twinge checked out. He has his clothes out on the bed, but mine are still in the closet. So um, I need to get moving. I think we finally have our Skype working well, but not until we bought another headset. Sometimes it just feels like we bleed money. It really does.

I'm going to miss Adam and Jani so much. I can't even allow myself to think about it. It makes me cry. I'm thankful for Skype, and for webcams, so that I can see them and they can see us. I hate that they won't be there when we get the boys, but I know in my heart it's the best decision.

I'm going to try and set something up so that it will let everyone know when we post to our blog. And then you can go read or not. Hopefully it will work.
Until next time, j

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