it's 7:13pm, do you know where your bags are?

Yep, they're still in the bedroom stacked up, not packed. Not the best plan. Anyone want to come over and put everything in the suitcases? I have it all on the bed. Just can't seem to get it in the bags.

I'm moving at turtle speed, which as we all know is not so fast. I was watching our turtle last night; his name is Tuck (yes, we watch and love Wonder Pets). He was moving the little rocks out of the way, all in an effort to get to the bottom of the tank and closer to the outside glass. Why? I don't know. But I realized he's strong, he can move rocks that are big to him, they are bigger than his foot. Slow but steady.

Then this morning when I was in the bathroom with my head over a bowl (haha, seriously folks) John says, "look at those rabbits!" I looked at him like he was nuts but then looked out the window. There were 2 jack rabbits, bigger than our 15lb dog, hauling butt down the gravel road that runs to the north of our property. I figure they got spooked by our neighbor out pushing her baby (G, bet you didn't know you'd become part of a post, did you?) and were trying to find a better hiding space. We have corn planted in the acreage on 2 sides of us, so sometimes you see some interesting things. But mostly just rabbits. And when there's no corn, you see a cow that got out sometimes. Last time I said if he came on our land we'd be having a whole cow served up. =) From what I can tell they are all grassfed with some hay when it's dry. Probably older than a year, but hey.

So now I must go back to the packing. Still coughing, having a headache, sucking on my inhaler, but packing I must.


jkfreitas said...

Prayers that you feel BETTER!!!!

Sarah said...

My bags are packed away in the basement because I am not going with you.... booohoooo!!! I could show you all around and where to buy fruit...and a knife (for the fruit). Why can't I be bendy like Kailin and then I could fit in a suitcase and go along! Feel better, safe travels, and I can't wait to read all about it!!

Andrea said...

I hope you are feeling better. Try to rest (not possible I know when your in the same city as your precious kids!)
I can't wait to check back and see 'the' photos. It's been a long time coming, Congratulations :)