the last week

Hmmm, I realized I haven't journaled much during this past week. Not really much happening. Well, there's always something happening, but most of it had to do with searching the internet or searching thru boxes. Fun.

We finally got our air tickets all squared away and purchased on Monday 5/12. But not until we made the really hard choice to not take the kids. That makes me really sad. I hate leaving them. I do. I hate it. It's the most economical choice we could make though. Even flying economy is no longer cheap. Between Dec and May the flights have increased $1000/ticket. And if we make it a shorter trip of course that's less hotel and food. And for a shorter trip it's easier without the current 2 because by the time they would adjust to the time it would be time to go back home again. So we're going, on EVA's Evergreen. At least we'll be comfortable.

And we finally decided to stay at the Feeling which is where our agency directors stay too. It's in the American ex-pat district. What can we say, the price was right. We don't feel the need for a really nice place, but we do want comfort and something clean.

Airlines tickets and hotels consumed me from Wed night when Laura called thru Sunday. I really didn't have time to be consumed, you know?

Wednesday 5/14 I finally decided to work on our AIT papers. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, especially since I've had the packet since Sept. =) Hang up after hang up and there you have it, I can't find our tax returns. The last ones in the file drawer are 2003. And I just had 05-07 a couple of weeks ago here on my desk. But when we set the new computer up we moved everything off and put it in a box, 1 that was put somewhere special so that it didn't get lost. Amazingly I made it thru 3 days without taking anyones head off. See, old age is really suiting me! We still have some stuff in our garage donated by friends for us to sell to help us raise money. Plus we have our stuff from where we emptied our storage building last year. So stuff is everywhere. I searched thru the entire garage, things in the kitchen, and that meant everything downstairs I had gone thru. But then I found 1 large box on the treadmill, in the very back corner of the garage, and it wasn't even 1/2 full. Surely this wouldn't be it, but it was! Singing hallelujah on a Friday night. I got all the copies made and John sent it off to AIT on Saturday morning for a (gulp) very low price of $59!!! Egads. And that was economy! Cough cough sputter sputter. Oh well, hopefully things will go very smooth for us when we get there.

So now it's time to pay bills again. And after this last week, I really don't want to do anymore paper work!


The Tweetens said...

Congratulations!! We have been out of the loop a bit, so hadn't heard you had gotten your call! We look forward to following your trip to the boys, and pray the transition goes well. Zoe is doing great. We have been home a week, and there have been so many improvements and changes. We are settled into a good routine, and caught up on sleep. Let me know if you have any questions, I'm not sure if I can help, but I'll try. :) Taiwan was wonderful, but we are glad to be home. :)

Andrea said...

You are almost there! I know it's hard to leave the kids behind but think how excited they will be to see you and their new brothers :) Not long now!

jkfreitas said...

Only a week to go!!!! You all must be getting excited!

Sorry that you can't go as a family unit. It's so expensive these days. :-(

Looking forward to hearing all about your trip though!

Robyn L said...

You better blog daily while there! Can't wait to see you & John w/ the boys!!!! Safe trip...and you'll get to tag me cause I think I'll be going to China in July. Why do we keep going there in the SUMMER?!?!?!

Robyn & Georgie

Sarah k said...

So glad to see the tickets purchased and the hotel picked. Where does the time go once the call comes????
Have a wonderful time hon. Can't wait to see you get these sweet boys!