to cut and an update

I cut it, though she didn't do it like I wanted it, but it's fine, it's cooler at least.

We have finally managed to get our airline tickets bought, and amazingly have also chosen a hotel. Sadly, we're leaving our 2 piglets behind and making a much shorter trip out of it. So sad, but the smarter choice for us right now.
And 3 weeks from now we will have the boys in our arms, tucked safely in bed next to us. It's amazing. Several times a day I find myself trying to catch my breath, hardly daring to believe that this crazy journey of ours is coming to an end. But ending it shall. And a new journey will begin.

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Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

Oh I can't wait to hear more news! Thanks for inviting me to your blog! So fun!