to cut or not to cut

I started thinking this week about cutting my hair off again. Not that it's really long, but it is thick and it is hot and I do live in Texas where the heat hits the 100s for a lot of days in a row. Funny how adoption or traveling for adoption seems to inspire me to whack the hair off. But it does. Why is that? Maybe because I know my destination is a hot muggy one and the less I have on my head the cooler I'll be. I don't know. Hmm, something to think about more.


Sarah said...

Chop it, chop it, chop it!!! I chopped mine earlier this year and I love it!! Did the same thing just before we went to get Kailin, so it's not just you who gets the urge when it's time to adopt... ha ha ha.

Andrea said...

If ya want to cut it, cut it! It will grow back before you know it.
Glad your on your way!


jkfreitas said...

I say to go for it! Hair grows back :-). It's sooo nice, the light feeling on your head when a bunch of hair is gone, lol.

I'm way overdue myself! Waiting for the date to get closer to a trip I'm taking next month. Can't beat the feeling of a good haircut. :-)