the doctor's report

I should tell you I fell asleep Thursday night repeating "I shall live and not die; I will wake to declare the works of the Lord." My appointment was at 11:15 this morning. I have a mammogram date (not looking forward to that) as he thinks it is most likely stretched/pulled ligaments and muscles. Surgery probably isn't too far away either. My blood pressure was still quite high which I'm attributing to nerves and anxiety over all of this. So now I'm on 2 medications for that and an order to lose the weight with a phone call happening sometime soon to a plastic surgeon. I am definitely not looking forward to that. He also told me that they will most likely take pictures of my ta tas (as one friend called them recently) which had me laughing. I can just picture myself plastered everywhere. Not really, but hey, it's me, and I had to find something to laugh about!


HisTaiHens said...

Oh Jeri!!!

So sad I'm too far away to be of pracical help...we're in NC...Please know I'll be praying for you....hope everything turns out ok...make those life style changes now...better now than later....Hugs to you!!

Bummed you guys missed the vacationa dn experienced such a scare!!

mcnuggts said...

Cool, we're both undergoing surgery soon.......and in the same area too! Ok, seriously, sorry about the surgery but if it helps in the long run that's good. Don't forget I want one of those candy dishes. ;-)

Katy said...

Hey Jeri-
What's going on with your health? I can't tell from the blog. Keep me posted!

Sarah k said...

Hey hon. I hope that you are doing well now... it has been a few days since you posted this. I am so sorry that this is happening. I don't understand completely what you are talking about... but my prayers and thoughts are with you...

Sarah K.