John turns 50!!!!

My beloved husband, my best friend, has turned 50 today. To mark this special occasion he was given things in 50. I didn't get all that I wanted to because quite frankly 50 cost a lot! But it's been a good morning. For breakfast we had cinnamon rolls but we don't have any pictures...we ate them all. But we have pictures of the gift giving. And thank you to all of you (about 50 not counting our family) that sent him birthday wishes for his book. I even caught the ones that came this morning. Enjoy.

the birthday boy

Jovi giving Daddy 50 Hershey Kisses (gold for 50, red for love)

Jani giving Daddy $50 Starbucks gift card

Jace giving Daddy an empty cassette of with $50 iTunes gift card

Richard giving John Starbucks coffee and sitting on his lap like everyone else did

Jeri giving John 50 First Dates...probably not the greatest movie but it was about 50

Adam giving Dad the book of birthday wishes

the kids watching John read his book

Jani giving Daddy the 50 double chocolate malted balls that I forgot about

And of course kids being kids they all wanted the candy. Thanks again everyone for remembering John.


Jeri said...

And on top of that we forgot to give him his new body pillow. We don't think we forgot anything else.

TexWisGirl said...

God bless you and your kids! :)