I think it's time...

I think it's time to pick up our blog again. Like spring is in the air only it's mid summer here in Texas and hot. Did I mention that it's hot? Most days we are ~95* heat. I hate the heat. It makes me wither. :o)

We've had a lot going on in the last, ummm, 8 months.
Birthdays: I turned 40 in January (surprisingly it felt just like 39!), Jani turned 6 in May, and Adam became a full blown teenager in June.
Anniversaries: Jani came home 5 years ago, Jace and Jovi came home 2 years ago, and the biggest one was John and I celebrating 20 years of marriage. We celebrated on the top of Pike's Peak. And it snowed!

We took a trip to Colorado in June.  It was our first time west on a vacation...we hadn't even been to north Texas before so it was all a surprise. Our biggest shocker was really how barren the land was. Acres and acres and acres of wheat and corn. Oil rigs and wind turbines. And even a few dust storms and tumbleweeds. The mountains were very cool but not like the mountains in our beloved Virginia. These mountains had scraggly trees, not the big and colorful ones that we are used to seeing in the east. Still it was a beautiful site.

We had a big remodel project of our whole house starting in October and ending in March. The clean up from is taking forever. Most likely because the boys keep getting into stuff as I keep going thru it. Well, that's at least the story I'm sticking with!

We also had a fantastical school built. It's 20x24 with 7 windows, ac, fans, bright lights, carpet, bookshelves. It's a homeschooling families dream.

That's all I've got for now. Time to feed people lunch...it's 2pm already!

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