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The kids were supposed to have the other side of their noses cauterized on Tuesday. When the pre op nurse finally called her line of questioning was way off base. She asked why we would have 3 kids getting cauterized, were they just punching each other in the nose? When I mentioned Jani being Chinese her questions became even more rude. She told me previously I just needed to bring in a photo id and an insurance card. But now she also wanted their adoption papers as proof that I had a legal right to seek medical treatment for them. My blood ran cold. And then fiery hot. I told her we would not be bringing our children to that center and that she would NEVER see their adoption papers.

I had a dentist appointment at 10am. To go meant leaving 3 13 year old boys at home with my 3 and 4 year old boys. I took Jani so she wouldn't be in the line of fire. I have a cavity. There is now a hole in my tooth. Amazingly it doesn't even hurt. That's the beginning of my day.

But before I could leave for the dentist, the Northwest Surgery Center called. The littles have surgery scheduled for this morning. I should say had. I thought it was Seton Northwest. But no. NSC operates completely on its own in the basement of Seton Northwest. I know this because when I called up to talk to their attorney it made them very nervous and they asked if I meant NSC. And then quickly gave me the # to the Director of the Surgery Center. :o)

I called and asked for Mr. Gordon and was told he was in a meeting. I left a message on his voice mail with my name and cell (twice). That's believable, right. So I went on with my day.

I dropped Adam's 2 friends off on our way to the allergy office. Normal allergy shots, blah blah blah.

And then we were all off to ACC for John and I to retest on the Math section. We both failed it when we originally took it last Monday. You should know (just for the sake of knowing that the Bridge classes really work) that John got a 30 and I got a 32. In order to not take remedial math you need a 39. ahem.  So off we go into the testing center. BTW, a Bridge class is a 3 hour lecture you take to help you brush up on different things. It's $10 and you get a certificate allowing you to retake the placement test again that cost $29. Do the math, it's basic math. :o)

John finished before me. I didn't notice that he left. It took him a solid 37 minutes which is better than before when it took him 6 minutes. And you have to know that he completely failed Geometry. He had one of THOSE coaches for a teacher and he would sit and talk with the jocks about the football games. I wasn't sure when he left, but he was gone. I kept plugging along, verbally moaning that the C test kept giving me something that looked the same. It was one of those 'if f(x)=8x2(that's a square)+7x-16 and g(x)=4x3 -9x+3 then f(g)+x3-8x=? Don't work that, I made it up, but can you see why my brain got fried? And then it would toss it and absolute value sign on some of them. I tried, guessed a few, but continually rolled my eyes in true Jeri form. My previous time was 26 minutes. This time it was 66 minutes.When I left the ladies told me that John said he was waiting in the car. I asked if he passed and they said they didn't look but he squealed. Really? My John squealed?

I'd like to tell you that we passed the test. But we BLAZED it! John got a 43! I'm so proud of him!! This means we don't have to pay $500 for a class that we don't need.  You know those ridiculous equations I mentioned? It turns out that was college algebra! I spent 19 minutes on algebra and 47 minutes on college algebra! My score? 63 on algebra and 26 on college algebra! I was really proud of myself! And I learned that there are 4 parts to the exam, we just never made it out of the basic part last time.

Then we see and advisor and they let us sign up for the new class only now everything is full and the only slots open are all the way in Austin. Yuck. But we digress and take them. Now come on, someone signed up for the RRC classes miss you payment deadline so you get dropped.

Are you wondering if Mr. Gordon called? He didn't. At this point it was about 3 so I called him again. Secretary answers and ask my name (I give it) and who am I with (myself). That last answer didn't take me far. She put me on hold then came back and said Mr. Gordon was unavailable. Really? "Ok, well, I can understand if he doesn't want to talk to me. I'll just have our attorney contact the surgery center attorney. Thanks for you time, Bye." Um, yeah, you know that's exactly what I said. A few minutes later my phone rang. The conversation was rather lengthy and involved me telling him just how wrong it wasChildrens Brackenridge (which is now the Dell Childrens Hospital and Specially Pediatrics) they would find that a few years ago I challenged the same policy and as a result CB's attorney told them they were in violation for asking this.  It's wrong, it's discrimination, and you should NEVER allow it to happen to your family/child. By the end of the conversation he had seen my point and said that hopefully should we find ourselves needing surgery again we would find the policy changed. It certainly gave him a new perspective and he hoped that sometime in the future my kids would know that their mom challenged an archaic system and made a difference for other adopted kids. Yep, he really said that. So now the kids are having surgery on 8/26 at our favorite surgery center. Wouldn't you fight for these 3 faces?

The rest of the day just happened. We spent time hanging out as a family cementing how much we love each other. Love your family....it's the only one you get.

oops! PS: I knew I forgot something. When we got home our 1st floor ac wasn't working. It was 85 in the house and a bit warm for me. A quick jog outside and yes, the unit was making a noise but the blade wasn't running. A call to Ray at Sierra Air and he sent someone out within an hour. It was the capacitor.  The exact same thing that gave out on our 2nd floor ac last week. $274 last week. Yesterday $224. But at least we all were able to sleep in our own beds.

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