A New Year, A New Path

Our first day of coop, 8-29-08, one of the last few posts we did. And now here we are 2y4m later and starting our first day of coop, spring semester, 1-28-11. No longer even typing an 0 for the year. So much has happened during this time...therapy appointments, school engagements, coop semesters. We've lived them, we just haven't blogged them.

Adam has continued on, picking up where we left off. I think we've got it going now and have figured out the path we need to follow, only now we have a new twist...John and I are going to school also! We're are taking courses at ACC for the occupational therapy assistant program and in 2 years (provided we get accepted into the program in May) we should be done.

Jani is working on reading and loosing teeth. And the little boys are just trying to figure out their letters. Such chaos here.

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